Be and Be not afraid

I found this lost somewhere five years ago. It was started and, at the same time, it was not. Just a title among others. Five years of being and not being afraid.

It was June 2012. It was hot. The sea was there in front of me. I could taste the salt like I used to do growing up. It felt good. I looked over my shoulder to see the past. I liked most of it, so it made me smile.

Walking in the sand always feels good. It’s like walking on hot and cold air at the same time. If I had clothes on I would not have felt them. Being on the ground yet lifted in mid air at the same time.

The water was cool. I felt from head to toe, the rush of blood. Just like an unexpected kiss from a stranger.

I pushed my hand in the wet sand and pressed my face on the ground. To hear the sound of the universe, doing its thing. The sound of us, doing ours.

I was silenced. Beauty always makes me brave and silences the fearful mouse from within. … It’s the only thing that kills the demon … Beauty and music and motion, playing together.

Give me a flag and I’ll ride it to the moon. Give me a wave and I’ll swim to the other side of the world. Give me a note and I’ll play it until it’s silence. Give me life and I’ll live it. Because there’s no death and we’re all just angels.




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