We, the people,

get wrinkles on the corners of our eyes from laughing too much in a lifetime,

get to jump for joy in the rain

get to touch and feel and taste things and nature and other people

get to fly without wings

get to float on streets in fast cars

get to disappear completely

get to find and trash love

get to make mistakes and fail and suffer

get to make others feel, beyond, beyond themselves

get to see colors and dream with music, imagine worlds beyond words

get to make a mess around us, be sloppy, and lazy, and forgetful,

get to ask for help, be weak and low,

get to play roles, dress-up, dress-down, hide behind ourselves

get to feel anger, and pain, and emptiness,

get to feel joy, yes, FEEL JOY!

get to share

and breath salty air

get to feel deep cutting pain

get to move and stretch and reach up and stand down

get to see MAGIC!, all the time, all around us

get to hide inside

get to be grateful

get to be exposed, sometimes,

get to experience new things and reinvent old stories

get to be courageous

get to create









we, the people, are lucky. We forget.




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